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Beta Kappa Boulé

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History of Beta Kappa Boulé

Beta Kappa Boulé (Boulé number 56) was founded on May 17, 1981 in Birmingham, Alabama.  Beta Kappa Boulé was set apart by Phi Boulé, Montgomery—Tuskegee, Alabama.  During 1980, Archons Frankie W. Taylor, Charlie Dunn, James A. Dunn, Fred Gray, Sr., Joe Reed, Milton Davis and J. Garrick Hardy met with Grand Sire Archon Harvey Russell at the Governor’s House [Hotel] in Montgomery, Alabama to explore setting apart a Boulé in Birmingham, Alabama.  Phi Boulé approved the formation of a Boulé in Birmingham.  Their recommendation was forwarded to the Grand Executive Committee which also gave its approval.      Read More >>