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2015 Scholarship Beautillion Application


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Legal Legends of Beta Kappa

A program involving Beta Kappa Archons commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of key events during the Civil Rights Movement

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Welcome to the home page of the Beta Kappa Boulé

Greetings and thank you for visiting the Beta Kappa Boulé website.  Beta Kappa Boulé is a member Boulé of the Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity which was founded in 1904.  The Beta Kappa Boulé was founded on May 17, 1981.  Since its inception, the members of this Boulé have been comprised of leaders that serve our community through each member’s individual effort and through the synergistic combined effort of all member Archons.  The Archons of this Boulé consist of accomplished leaders in the fields of business, medicine, law, education, arts, ministry and politics.  Likewise, the Archousai, wives of the Archons, are also well achieved in a variety of human endeavors.  Together, the Archons and Archousai take significant pride in leveraging their talents to help the communities in which we live.  We accomplish this collectively in many ways, but one of the areas that we take much pride in is our social action initiatives.  Specifically, we are very focused and excited about the great work that we are doing with education, mentoring and scholarships.

Just as every Sire Archon of Beta Kappa Boulé has done since 1981, it is a privilege to serve the Archons and Archousai that make up this thriving Boulé as we continue getting to know the best of one another.  Equally important, it is an honor to have the opportunity to continue my predecessor’s commitment and success in the area of social action as it is one of the key areas of contribution that we, the members of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, invest in the communities in which we love and live.

 May 2014 continue to bring you favor and overflowing blessings, 

Donta’ L. Wilson

Sire Archon